Adult smiley websites we like

These sites are dedicated to showcasing collections of little yellow smiley faces doing rude, naughty, even erotic acts. We reviewed lots of smiley websites. Some websites are dedicated to adult smileys whilst some are generic smiley websites with an adult category.

We reveal the sites we like and the sites that really don't get us that excited. We hope this helps you find the best adult smileys on the web in the fastest possible time.

Smiley Arena
This site contains three pages of adult emoticons and rude emoticons which makes quite an extensive collection.
Full Smilies
A good website to find adult smileys. However, we should tell you that we think all the adult emoticons are stolen from other websites.
Download a pack of free adult smileys from this site. They're designed for Yahoo Messenger users. You can't see a preview of the adult smiley pack but the quality of their other smileys look ok so we think the adult ones would be good. Download if you dare!
This site has a large collection of what are mostly romance smileys. Search thoroughly and you will find a few naughty smileys mixed in. It's worth a click to view the site.
Download Yahoo adult smileys from this site - scroll down the page to find the link - it's quite hidden. There's a collection of 27 adult smileys to download. They're quite subtle animations but very funny.
Just Blow Me
An adult webmaster forum with free adult smileys. Some innocent and some naughty smiley faces. The French kiss smiley is crazy!
Adult Net Surprise
An adult website with very tame smileys - some should definitely not be classed as 'adult smileys'.
Adult Adventurers
A collection of free adult smileys. There are a couple of naughty smileys mixed in a list of very generic smileys.
If you like something retro, take a look at this list of adult ascii smileys. Ascii smileys are best used in emails. This site is an exact replica
MSN Smileys
Keep scrolling down the page to find the smileys. The smileys are quite small and static. Lots of boobs and bums if that's what you're looking for! They can be used with MSN or Yahoo Messenger.
MSN Emotions
We don't think you can really call this collection of smileys 'rude'. A happy animated smiley isn't rudein our opinion.
Scroll down the page to find the six smiley adult images. I don't know why 'cut' is a naughty smiley though?
Smiley Icons
When I checked this site out there were six images of adult smileys showing their fingers. When I rechecked a few months later there still were. They're not even that good.