Adult emoticon websites we like

We've searched the web to come up with a list of the highest quality adult emoticon websites - we wanted to find the cream (i.e. the best part!). If you type 'adult emoticons' into Google you get 1.9m websites listed. OMG! The average person would not even contemplate visiting all these emoticon websites. We did - well sort of. Not quite all of them.

Anyway, we saved you a heap of time and listed the websites we think have the best (and by that we mean highest quality) adult emoticons to download. These websites contain an assortment of naughty emoticons including some sex emoticons and what you might call 'dirty emoticons'. We hope you're not offended. Everyone has different definitions of 'tasteful'.

So here's the list. It's actually a list of the websites we do like as well as the ones we don't. We rate the sites with smiley faces where 5 is the highest quality score and 1 is the lowest. You may disagree, that's just fine with us. It would be a boring world if we all thought the same.

Dirty MSN
The adult emoticons on this site erotic in nature. Some people might refer to them as dirty emoticons - it's a question of taste, we don't discriminate.
A collection of over 100 animated adult emoticons. The annoying thing is that you can't preview the images before downloading them. These work as adult MSN emoticons only, not adult Yahoo emoticons. Watch out for adware when you download this software.
Adult Emoticons
A copy of our website in our opinion. Their adult MSN emoticons are nowhere near as good and their software is full of spyware. Watch out if you download.
A naughty emoticon collection - many are sex emoticons. Lots of small sized emoticons, some are copied from other websites.
Animated adult emoticons to be found in this collection of sex emoticons. The small collection is mostly copied from other sites. The stick man animated emoticon is quite funny - if you have a sense of humor.
MSN Beta Emoticons
This site has hundreds of free MSN adult emoticons. The sex emoticons are quite limited. No animated emoticons are available.
Six animated rude adult MSN emoticons that don't follow any style. Really very random.
MSN Emotions
A handful of animated adult emoticons for MSN Messenger and email. We don't think there's any original content here. Our favourite adult emoticon on this site is the animated 'sperm shack'.
Messenger Stuff
A collection of very small static adult emoticons. The emoticon designer just may have done some copying.
A random collection of adult emoticons. All emoticons are static. Some are small, some big. Not very innovative. These emoticons will work as adult MSN emoticons and adult Yahoo emoticons if you use Instant Messenger.
MSN Rules
A small collection of static emoticons. The graphic illustration is not very good which makes it difficult to even work out what some of these adult emoticons actually are.

We didn't think it was right to put our sister website My Emoticons in this list because of the rather large potential for bias. Of course we'd want to give it 5 smiley faces! But we did want to let you know we've got a few rude emoticons on My Emoticons that we've gathered from the web on this page.