Free Emoticons

If you're looking for free emoticons or images of a more innocent nature, you need to know about our sister website My Emoticons. My Emoticons is the 'big sister'. It's a place to find refreshingly good emoticons (and smileys) to express emotions.

We all spend a lot more time chatting to friends online where the face-to-face part of communication isn't there. Sometimes it's challenging. We're found emoticons help us to pull the funny faces and make the gestures we would if we were sat opposite the person we're talking to.

We make it really simple. We're obsessed with designing high quality emoticons with a quirky creative twist. We create neat little emoticon collections so you can find what particular style you want when you want it. We say no to paging (i.e. endless searching), stealing, adware and spyware.

Here's a little taster but for the full and free emoticon collection get hold of your mouse and guide it to click here now.