Best adult images on the web

The team decided to act as 'Emoticon Critics' just as we did on our sister website My Emoticons. Just as a film critic reviews films, we've reviewed all the adult emoticon and adult smiley sites on the web. We've discovered hundreds of adult images. There are lots of good images to use once you've searched through all the really poor images and all the duplication.

We do this exercise to direct you to the 'good stuff'. We know it's all the searching that takes the time - so we thought we'd save you the time. So here you have our definitive list of the top 10 adult images on the web. We want to make it clear that these images are NOT our own designs.

To see where we discovered the image, simply click on it.

If you want to see our favourite rude emoticons, take a look at this. These rude images are very funny. There's no pornographic or erotic content in this collection.

If you want to know more about the Emoticon Critic, read this.