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Wanker emoticon
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Boys hit puberty and what do they do - wank - or 'toss off' the more crude way to say 'masturbate'. Euphemisms are frequently used to describe this activity. Amercians tend to use the phrase 'jerk off', some people say 'hand job' and some say 'bash the bishop'. Really? Anyway, because of the popularity of wanking we had to have a smiley showing its sex emoticons. Download this sex smiley face and add it to your yahoo sex emoticons or sex msn emoticons collection.

Did you know group masturbation can be found online and that masturbation marathons take place around the world? Sounds like a lot of hard work to us. We prefer the sound of sex msn emoticons doing masturbation marathons - or yahoo sex emoticons. They just keep going and going and never seem to tire. Watch how this sex smiley starts wanking, comes and then goes again. Perhaps a smiley sex addict?

If you want animated action you could use animated winks in msn - they're very cool but as yet msn don't allow you to add your own sex smileys custom winks. Can you imagine if they did? That would be amazing.