Sex Emoticons - Smiley Erection

Want to download an animated sex smiley erection?

Erection emoticon
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This is a rude sex smiley - x-rated in fact. Can't you control yourself Mr Sex Smiley? Animated adult emoticons like this remind me of high school when boys can't control themselves. They think with their penis. We're not sure guys ever grow out of this, they're simple creatures. Is it really that hard though? Animated sex emoticons can be so rude at times - but we have to say we love it. If you want animated action you could use animated winks in msn - they're very cool but as yet msn don't allow you to add your own sex smileys custom winks. Can you imagine if they did? That would be amazing.

Expressing sex emotions using this cheeky yellow smiley face brings humor to a sex smiley erection. To some people anyway, we agree that this sense of humor is not to everyone's taste. Our intention is never to offend anyone with our animated sex emoticons. We do our utmost to ensure children don't get their sticky hands or innocent little eyes on them. Their sex emotions can stay dormant for a few more years.