Download Sex Emoticons and Smileys - if you dare

Our extensive collection of adult emoticons and adult smileys includes an exclusive collection of sex emoticons. Yes emoticons have sex! They love intercourse and fornication - 'fooling around' or putting it more crudely having a 'shag'. We don't mind what you call it. We like to think we live in a free world (yes we said we like to think!). Some of our female adult emoticons are more interested in lovemaking and like intimate sex. We're not! This is about hard core emoticon sex.

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Some of the emoticons sex are not for the faint hearted. They're very rude emoticons and rude smileys. If you want extreme emoticon sex then we have the emoticons for you. Smiley ejaculation is one you might not want to see but you just know you have to. See what naughty smiley gets up to when the lights go out. Sex emoticons take adult emoticons to the extreme. Our extreme stops at porn. We don't do porn. Ever.

Using sex emoticons online - be sensitive
We hope that you realize by now that if you use sex emoticons and sex smileys to express your sex emotions, arguably a very natural thing to do, you will draw attention to yourself. You can use sex emotions for msn to create an adult msn messenger experience. You can do the same with yahoo mail and use sex smilies to create an adult yahoo experience. We love the fact that they're animated adult emoticons. It draws even more attention. This is a way to get instant kudos. Not everyone has sex smileys to share. Just remember that some people could be incredibly offended. We created these sex emotions to entertain so please be sensitive and share them only to help us entertain. We do not want to cause offence. That's why we make people pay. You have to really want these sex emoticons to buy them. It prevents them getting into the hands of the wrong people.