Rude Emoticons - Smiley Fart

Want to download dirty msn emoticons? Get smiley fart!

Smiley fart emoticon
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Rather than 'smiley fart', maybe this image should be called 'smelly fart'. Smiley stinks! Some smiley faces are very dirty emoticons and when they're made into animated adult emoticons for yahoo and msn they seem even more dirty.

That said we all fart. It's human. So why do we get so embarrassed? This is one of many dirty msn emoticons. Naughty behavior like this is simply inexcusable. I wonder if farts from adult msn emoticons and adult emoticons for yahoo smell? Remember only rude dirty emoticons don't say 'excuse me'. We hope this smiley farter remembers his manners and his email and messenger etiquette.