Rude Emoticons - Sheepshagger

Want to download emoticons adult? You need sheepshagger!

Sheepshagger emoticon
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We have to say we love this emoticons adult - yes it's crude but oh, it's so funny. The slang term 'sheepshagger' is often used to describe a rural person who's seen as unsophisticated. Maybe so, but here's the literal visual representation designed to express msn adult emotions.

Share this and other msn adult emoticons with your friends - make sure you chose the right friends - not everyone has developed an appreciation for this kind of humor. The majority of messenger users take the 'adult' out of 'emoticons adult' or 'msn adult emoticons' and just search for emoticons to express their emotions. Msn adult emotions are for a select few who want to take messenger and email communication to another level.