Rude Emoticons - Finger Attitude

Want to download a dirty smiley with finger attitude?

Finger attitude emoticon
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Dirty msn emoticons can be very useful for telling others how you feel i.e. bluntly expressing dirty msn emotions. Dirty smileys certainly prove 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. This dirty smiley's finger says it all. The look on his face combined with the animation makes the finger movement all the more emphatic.

Perhaps this rude dirty smiley should be known as 'finger attitude problem'! Even this smiley face, who looks so perfectly yellow and innocent, can be really rude. We apologize for his behavior. We'd like to say it's out of character but this dirty msn emoticons collection shows that it's not uncommon. He's feeling nasty - check out the frown. You've been warned. If you're feeling like expressing dirty msn emotions and want to make a statement make sure this smiley face is part of your collection.