Rude Emoticons - The Big Burp

Does the big burp dirty emoticon remind you of anyone? Download now!

Big burp emoticon
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What is it with men and burping? - loudly! It seems to impress male friends and disgust the ladies. Ladies just don't want to know about it. It's only natural, but does it have to be so loud?! Adult emoticons for msn and yahoo are no different. They burp, they belch - and they do it loudly. Fortunately our smileys are muted so you can't hear this dirty emoticon.

It would be a very rude smiley if he didn't say 'excuse me' after this. Boys are rude, smileys are not - we hope. Download this and add it to your adult emoticons for msn collection. Sometimes it's fun to be really rude when no-one can see you. Just blame it on the dirty emoticon.