Download Rude Emoticons & Smileys - they've got attitude

If hard-core sex emoticons are too hot to handle then you'll enjoy our rude emoticons and rude smileys collection. They help people like you and I express rude adult emotions. They're discourteous, disrespectful, ungracious and very ill bred. Some of these rude smilies are even more ill mannered and unpolished than others. These rude smileys are crude, raw and very rough around the edges. They smoke, they fart, they swear and that's just the beginning.

Rude smileys need to grow up!
These rude smilies certainly need some training. Whilst you could say they're showing adult emotions, their behavior is very childlike. We say 'Grow up!' They're wild things and very ignorant so getting the attention of rude smileys could be tough. Give it a try, download rude emoticons and unleash the beast. Share these uncouth adult smileys with your friends to really express yourself. Our adult rude smileys can be used as adult msn rude emoticons or yahoo adult rude emoticons in email.

Sharing rude emoticons
We think these rude emoticons are fun but make sure the people you're sharing them with will think they they're funny rude emoticons too. We didn't create these adult emoticons to cause offense. It's just for fun. For example, whilst we wouldn't recommend telling children that it's acceptable to fart and burp in public, we find a rude smiley demonstrating this uncouth behavior highly entertaining. Perhaps we are a little strange, we don't deny it.