Funny Emoticons - Toilet Humor

Want to download emoticons dirty? You need toilet humor!

Toilet humor emoticon
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Now we know smileys adult 'toilet humor' isn't for everyone. We realise toilet humor is a 'faux pas' in some countries that's why we categorized this as one of our 'messenger adult emoticons'. We hope this emoticons dirty doesn't offend anyone. We couldn't help but include it in the smileys adult collection. We aren't offended by toilet humor and we must admit that whilst rather disgusting, the changing shades of the face made us laugh a lot. Push little smiley push! Emoticons dirty get constipated too.

Use this as one of your messenger adult emoticons when you're chatting and want to laugh or you want to make someone else laugh. We've had lots of fun with this smileys adult. Make sure you share it with adults, although we don't think it would be the end of the world if children found this smiley. After all, everyone goes to the toilet so it's really not that rude. The rude part is that at My Adult Images we made toilet time a public event using messenger adult emoticons for msn and yahoo.