Funny Emoticons - Stoned Smiley

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Stoned animated emoticon
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Although 'stoned' is a more casual way of describing 'cannabis intoxication' we think you know what we mean. Of course cannabis can also be called marijuana or marihuana and is derived from the cannabis plant (often grown in hidden places such as bedroom wardrobes - even adult yahoo smiley faces do this). Humans have been consuming cannabis for many centuries; it was only in the 20th century that recreational use increased - to the extent that usage has become somewhat problematic in some countries. If you're interested and want to know more, take a look at Wikipedia [HYPERLINK:]

We say 'live and be free' and that applies to animated adult emoticons and people. Adult yahoo smileys love freedom to do exactly what they like. They love expressing adult emotions in yahoo and msn messenger and they love to liven up email too. Despite its legitimate medicinal qualities, some countries don't allow cannabis so be careful where you use these adult yahoo smiley faces.