Funny Emoticons - Smoking Smiley

Want to download smileys adult? Smoking smiley is for you!

Smoking smiley emoticon
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Smiley's addicted to smoking. He stinks. We wish he'd quit. He started at a young age because he want to join the smileys adult. He succumbed to peer pressure because he thought it would make him seem older and more sophisticated. He liked being part of the naughty msn smileys group because he started smoking below the legal age limit. What is it about breaking rules that naughty msn smileys and let's be honest, many humans just love to break the rules. There are degrees by which to break rules - some things like smoking underage don't seem as serious as sex before marriage - now how many of you stuck to that rule? See rule breaking is common in the 21st century.

Our office smells because of this naughty msn smileys smoking habit. Maybe we should make it a no-smoking environment. We're not anti smoking and judgmental but passive smoking is not on either. Smileys adult sometimes need to be a little more sensitive.