Funny Emoticons - Sleazy Smiley

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Sleazy smiley emoticon
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Smiley can be such a sleaze, slime ball, letch, and creep - choose the description you prefer. Imagine the guy in the corner of the room looking at all the girls - yes you know the one. Now change the image and imagine an emoticon adult getting up to this kind of activity. Maybe you are that sleaze! That is the very person we had in mind when we designed this emoticon.

Naughty emoticons are not uncommon in the world of emoticons. Although their yellow faces look incredibly innocent look deep into their eyes and you'll see a different side to their character. These emoticons adult know how to misbehave when they want to. We tried to teach them some manners, especially because they spend a lot of their time in public but some are quite unruly. We must admit, sometimes their naughty emoticon adult behavior is highly entertaining.