Funny Emoticons - Nose Picking

Want to download rude smilies? Nose picking is a must have

Nose picking emoticon
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Rude smilies nose picking in progress. Yuk! According to a survey people pick their nose on average 4 times per day. Does that apply to naughty msn emoticons too? There's actually a word to describe the habit of picking, it's a long word too - 'rhinotillexis'. Wow! 'Rhino' is the Greek work for 'nose' - I bet most of you didn't know that little fact.

Nose picking is a strange thing. Despite being an extremely common behavior it's a mildly taboo activity in most cultures, which is why we placed this little smiley face in our adult msn emoticons collection. I wonder what would happen if we embraced nose picking as a society? One thing I must ask, why do men pick their nose in cars and assume that nobody is watching? Please stop! It's disgusting.

We don't give away free adult smileys because we spend a lot of time creating adult smileys so we make them more exclusive. Not everyone has adult smileys so if you download them they make you stand out more exclusively too. Some people like to make a statement. A little secret, you can actually download free smileys from our My Emoticons sister website. They're not adult but they're a lot of fun.