Funny Emoticons - Kiss My Ass

An adult emoticon in text format - download kiss my ass

Kiss my ass emoticon
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Not every adult emoticon in our emoticons adult collection has to be about sex. Smileys and emoticons take many forms including simple text like this animated adult emoticon - some people might call it an msn wink, they'd be wrong but it's very cool nonetheless. Sometimes using bold bright funky fonts helps emphasize the point. Messenger adult emoticons like this are great for expressing adult emotions.

An adult emoticon like 'kiss my ass' is not one of the free adult emoticons you'll find on the Internet. We create high quality adult emoticons and we invest a lot of time doing it. There are free adult emoticons on the web, quite a few but we've found that they're not that interesting. There's no such thing as a free lunch - not even on the Internet, although many people would like to think so. If you want free emoticons go to our sister website My Emoticons.