Funny Emoticons - Giving the finger

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Giving the finger emoticon
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Express adult msn emotions with this adult smiley. Adult smiles are for those moments when you want to tell people to f**k off in a more polite way. Naughty yahoo smileys can also be used in msn messenger for expressing adult msn emotions. They can be especially useful when you're talking to stupid people who just don't know when to stop and leave you alone. When you send this adult msn emotion the recipient can also add it to their msn messenger by right clicking and saving it to start or contribute to their adult smiles collection.

We like naughty yahoo smileys with attitude and although this smiley face is very naughty and rude, he's also very cheeky and cute. The smiling face and the animated bounce make this crazy little smiley good for getting the message across without being nasty about it.