Funny Emoticons - Bouncing Boobs

Want to download a bouncing boobs naughty smiley?

Bouncing boobs emoticon
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Let us introduce you to this animated adult smiley - meet Little Miss Naughty Smiley. She's really not that 'little' and she desperately needs to wear a bra. I love a naughty smiley like this one because they're more funny than they are naughty. This adult smiley is naughty in a cheeky fun way rather than an offensive way - we hope.

Perhaps this adult smiley could benefit from a breast reduction? That said we made the boobs really big when we designed this emoticon because we know men are obsessed with boobs! She really does need a sports bra though, all this bouncing around will leave this naughty smiley with very droopy boobs and that's a major turnoff.