Funny Emoticons - Binge Smoking

Want to download an emoticon adult binge smoking?

Binge smoking emoticon
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Wow, what a fog! Thank goodness smoking is banned on planes today. It's hard to imagine it was ever allowed. Naughty yahoo emoticons know the health risks caused by smoking but sometimes they have bad days too and at the time binge smoking seems like a good idea. Lots of cigarettes are needed to relieve his tension.

Emoticons dirty aren't appealing to everyone, we know that. You might want to download this emoticon adult if you're repulsed by someone's smoking and want to be judgmental and let them know just how unattractive it is. Alternatively you might LOVE binge smoking naughty yahoo emoticons if you're in love with nicotine. Some people I know just love smoking and cigarettes. They don't find anything about it to be dirty but they know it's bad for their health. Some quit but long to re-unite their love affair with cigarettes. They chew Nicorette incessantly instead. Apparently it's not quite the same.