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TV Junkie emoticon
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Naughty smiley - aren't you supposed to be at school? We know what you're thinking, there is nothing rude or adult about this emoticon. Yes, we realize that. So why's this emoticon on our website? This smiley face is simply having a break after the extremely exhausting work of smiley sex. Ah ha, now you understand why he belongs in the adult smileys category! It's what you can't see that makes him a naughty smiley.

He's not a free adult smileys because My Adult Images is a high quality adult smilies website so we don't give away our adult smileys. However, we'll let you into a secret. You can get this free adult smiley and a few other very tame free adult smileys on our My Emoticons sister website in the smiley in action emoticon category.