Download Funny Adult Emoticons & Smileys

Our extensive collection of funny adult emoticons includes a large number of animated adult emoticons as well as static emoticons with a 'funny' theme. They're cleverly amusing. We have a slightly strange sense of humor so we actually think they're hilarious. Some of you might find our humor very mysterious, whilst others might laugh hysterically with us. Yes, we're rather weird and zany but we love it. The bottom line is this: these adult smileys are designed to amuse and entertain. They're very silly and offbeat.

A friendly warning about sharing adult emoticons
We think they're all very funny but make sure the people you're sharing them with will think they they're funny animated adult emoticons too. We didn't create these adult smileys to cause offense. It's just for fun. For example, whilst we wouldn't recommend you go around shooting people, our funny emoticon of smiley giving some finger attitude, is one of the funny adult emoticons. The same applies for the smiley sniffer adult emoticon. Sniffing cocaine can be fun but if you over use it can be dangerous. People have mixed opinions about the use of cocaine, some do not find it at all funny. That's why we say, be careful who you share them with.

Laughing is very healthy
It's normally considered a cliche that "laughter is the best medicine," some medical theories attribute improved health, increased life expectancy, and overall improved well-being, to laughter. That's a good enough reason to start using these funny adult emoticons right now! Laughter is sometimes contagious; the laughter of one person can provoke laughter from others. That's another very valid reason why we think you should share the laughter caused by funny smileys - you're actually spreading the health benefits too!

Aren't sex emoticons funny?
Explicit sex emoticons are not part of this 'funny' adult emoticons collection. You can use these adult emoticons to create an adult msn messenger experience and adult yahoo experience by using these naughty smileys in Yahoo Mail. If you need to be silly and outlandish get using these funny naughty emoticons. Let the emoticon entertainment begin.