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Looking for a way to show sex emotions? Whip Me More is guaranteed to do it.

Whip Me More avatar
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Wearing her kinky boots, this sexy avatar is not as innocent as you might at first glance think. There are many different sexual fetishes and whipping is one of them, especially in sadomasochistic sexual acts. We like our sexy avatars to appeal to a wide audience so we had to include some acts that whilst they don't appeal to the masses, appeal to a niche audience who like something kinky sex emotions.

Naughty but nice? It looks painful to us but whips and floggers are apparently the most popular sex toys around. If you're into BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission) then sexy avatars like this one are definitely for you. Download it now and use it to express your sex emotions and created an adult msn and adult yahoo experience. If you've never tried any BDSM using sexy avatars could be a 'safe' way to play with a different kind of sex emotions.