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Fresh and wild avatar

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Is green fresh and innocent? Maybe Irish charm? Is green your lucky color? We're not sure of the appeal of this green haired beauty sexy avatar but she's looking incredibly innocent and seductive. A new fantasy perhaps? The green long haired girl. Long locks are definitely a turn on for many of the male population. If you've not started an adult avatars collection we recommend that you start with something like fresh and wild. Adult avatars like this are innocent yet incredibly suggestive. You can remain innocent whilst sharing it if you've got an angelic image that you'd like to maintain.

Download this sexy avatar for showing your friends in msn messenger or yahoo messenger. Unfortunately we can't make her move her long green locks yet although we admit that could get very interesting. Sexy animated avatars won't work with msn messenger or yahoo messenger - yet. We hope things change soon; sexy animated avatars would be very exciting. If you want animated action you could use animated winks in msn - they're very cool but as yet msn don't allow you to add your own sexy girls winks. Can you imagine if they did? That would be amazing.