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This sexy girl is quite a temptress making her one of a few sexy avatars. Why has she even bothered to leave clothes on? Strip! It's the intrigue that's so tempting. And why is long hair considered sexy by so many men? We don't know but it undoubtedly is. Many girls spend fortunes getting hair extensions. Is that so that they are perceived to be sexier? That's why our sexy avatars have to have long hair. If you think you can help expose this sexy little minx, download this sexy avatar now and share her with friends to create an msn adult and yahoo adult messenger experience.

If you need some animation to get your imagination working, we wish we could help you but sadly we can't. Animated adult avatars won't work with yahoo, aim or msn yet. We focus on creating adult sexy avatars for yahoo and msn and because animated adult avatars won't yet work we've not started designing them. We long for the day when they will work. Can you imagine Expose Me Lovely taking the 'word' expose a little further? Sex emotions would start firing. If you want animated adult avatars, the closest thing you'll find is animated msn winks. They're very cool. You can't yet add your own custom winks but as soon as you can we'll be designing them for you.