Download Sex Avatars - we dare you!

Sex avatars adult want to be seen. For this reason we caught a lot of our animated adult sex emoticons in action and made them into avatars adult. They're quite naughty but undeniably funny. You might think it's rude to find these sex emotions funny, but try to stop yourself laughing or smirking. Who can resist laughing at cows having sex? We know it's coarse but we just wanted to do something different. And you know what, there's demand for sex avatars adult - lots of people have downloaded these avatars since we made them available. Want to join in?

Avatars adult have sex!
We know it might be hard to believe but it's true. Naughty smileys not only like to be rude, they also love to express their sex emotions. Not only do naughty smileys fondle themselves, they also have orgies. These smileys love to have sex and express sex emotions. Some you could call sex addicts. We love the female (pink) and male (blue) adult emoticons illustrating different sex positions. It's such a bold statement. We wish we could make them animated like we have with the sex emoticons but unfortunately yahoo and msn mssenger don't yet allow you to create your own adult msn or adult yahoo experience and use animated avatars adult. Be patient, we hope things change soon. Can you imagine animated adult avatars. That would take messenger and email communication to another level. Wild! If you want animated adult avatars, the closest thing you'll find is animated msn winks. They're very cool. You can't yet add your own custom winks but as soon as you can we'll be designing sex animated winks to seduce you.

Indecent behavior - don't be accused of it
These avatars adult are for you to use freely in the public domain. You can use them as msn avatars or yahoo avatars in messenger or you could use them on your myspace blog or perhaps as your display picture in Facebook. Some of them make quite a statement. All we ask is that you think before you use these sex emotions adult avatars. If it's likely that children could discover them, we ask you to think twice. We ask people to pay for these sex avatars so that children who don't have credit cards to pay can't get their sticky little hands on them. We don't want to upset any parents along the way. Our naughty smileys are for entertainment only. Causing upset is not allowed.