Rude Avatars - Gimp

Want to download rude adult smileys? Bring out the Gimp!

The Gimp avatar
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Innocent little adult smiley suddenly became an x rated rude adult smiley avatar. What happened? Bring out the gimp! I'm not sure if he's looking more frightened than submissive. He looks like he might start crying when the dominatrix brings out her whip! I wonder if he can still breathe in that thick rubber mask?

If you like a little sadomasochistic action, bring out the gimp and download this adult msn avatar or use it as an adult yahoo avatar. Just be careful who's watching whilst you're wearing the gimp suit!

If you're really into gimpy adult smileys look in our sex emoticons collection to download our gimp adult emoticon. This yellow smiley face is ready for action - he thinks! You can use sex adult smileys to create a really adult msn or adult yahoo experience. Adult msn smileys are really fun to use, just be careful who you share them with. We've been known to make the odd mistake in the past. Oops!