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Sheepshagger avatar
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The animated adult emotion of a sheep having sex with a man is one of our naughtiest, crudest, dirtiest rude emoticons avatars but we love it so we just had to freeze it and capture a slice of the action. Adult emotions are easy to show when you create an adult msn or an adult yahoo messenger. Did you ever think about where the slang term 'sheepshagger' came from? It was originally used in the military in the 1950's. Share this naughty adult msn avatar with your friends - make sure you select your most open-minded friends - not everyone has acquired a taste for this kind of humor.

Experience using rude emoticons and adult msn like sheepshagger. So where does one find the sheepshagger rude emoticons? In our rude emoticons collection of course. We have a sheepshagger animated adult emoticon - imagine how the thrusting really adds a new dimension to this adult msn avatar. We will make sheepshagger animated adult avatars sometime soon when msn and yahoo allow users to upload their own animated rude emoticons avatars. If you want more than animated adult emoticons action you can use animated winks in msn. They're really good fun. Maybe we'll create our own animated winks collection sometime soon.