Rude Avatars - Smiley fondles herself

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Fondle avatar
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I'm not sure why adult smileys like Miss Smiley like to play with their own boobs; I think it's more of a turn on perhaps for Rude Smiley Guy who's watching. Women playing with themselves often turn men on and this is true of male adult smileys too. Perhaps female adult smileys really are excited by their very own large bouncing boobs? If you want to see bouncing boobs in action take a look at our funny emoticons collection to see some really funny animated adult action. The animation really emphasizes the big boobs.

Download rude avatars adult for an adult msn or an adult yahoo messenger experience. You'll make your friends laugh lots. Adult smileys like this one are so vulgar, even her lips are obscenely huge. Are you ready for her to plant a huge SMACK on your cheek?