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Flasher avatar
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Although 'flasher' could refer to someone turning a light on and off, at My Adult Images we've taken the slang version and given it our very own rude smileys twist. As illustrated in this rather graphic adult msn avatar, rude smiley is displaying what should be censored in a very indecent posture. How rude! Do rude smileys have you no manners? Please cover yourself up. Pronto!

If you want to see some animated flashing action you need to find our adult animated emoticons. Get the adult animated emoticon flasher from our rude emoticons collection. The animation takes this smiley face into a different dimension, it has a much greater impact. Unfortunately we can't create animated adult avatars. We can but there would be no point as yahoo and msn don't let you use animated adult avatars. You could use animated adult avatars in email or blogs. If you want animated action you could use animated winks in msn - they're very cool but as yet msn don't allow you to add your own rude smileys custom winks. Can you imagine if they did? That would be amazing.