Rude Avatars - Smiley Erection

Want to download rude smilies? You'll love playing with this erection adult avatar

Erection avatar
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Erection is an x rated avatar adult which in our opinion definitely makes it a must have. This is one of a few rude smilies that looks incredibly smug. There's no need for viagra here. Dirty msn emotions can easily come out without Viagra. The question here is how would avatar adult smiley hide this huge erection if he needed to? This avatar adult erection is rather large. Couldn't he have waited a while and gone somewhere a little more private?

What we want to know is how important is size really? The question to ask the ladies is, 'does size matter'? Some would say it's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean! Rude smilies just want to get out and play. Some of those yellow smiley faces have a really rude side to their character. It's mostly hidden but oh wow, when you unleash it the dirty yahoo and dirty msn emotions just explode.

If you like to share a joke with friends who can take something a little rude, use erection avatar adult and show your dirty msn emotions. Some people are shocked, others laugh hysterically. We think that the bright yellow color takes the seriousness out of it. We really just want to play with these rude smilies. The last thing we want to do is offend anyone.