Rude Avatars - Smiley Ejaculation

Looking for adult smileys? Download ejaculation... and well, you know what happens next

Ejaculation avatar
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We know we have an ejaculation emoticon in our adult animated emoticons collection but we love it so much we had to freeze it in action and create an adult avatar. This naughty smiley is incredibly bawdy, he looks like his eyes are going to pop out of his head after a good wank. How rude! Adult smileys can be so ill mannered and crude. Adult smileys need to learn some manners if he wants to remain in our emotions sex avatars collection.

Whilst we are rather repulsed with adult smileys behavior, we can't help but laugh. It's disgustingly hilarious and let's face it, what man on earth hasn't ever masturbated to express sex emotions (ok, there might be some very rare exceptions). We can all relate to the feeling behind the look on his face - right?

The thing that's slightly shocking and offensive here is that adult smileys behavior is very public. If you want to sex up your adult yahoo and adult msn messenger experience this is exactly how to do it. Use adult yahoo avatars and adult msn avatars to take your messenger experience to a different level. Ready to stand out? If you like to make an impression adult smileys showing emotions sex an incredibly effective way to do it.