Download Rude Avatars - with full on attitude

These rude avatars adult have certainly got some attitude. They think they're soooo smooth and they want to show it. It's all about kudos and respect. These adult smileys know what they want. They want everyone to see them. Exposure.

Rude smileys - headline news
These rude smileys want to be headline news. Some of these rude smileys certainly could be - the flasher adult smiley needs to be censored, he's attracting far too much attention. We're a little cheeky so we decided to capture him fully exposed! If you want to see the animated adult emoticons of flasher smiley go to our rude emoticons collection. The dickhead avatar adult has to be one of our most popular avatars adult. There's a matching animated adult emoticon too in the same rude emoticons collection as flasher. We just love him. If you want animated adult avatars, the closest thing you'll find is animated msn winks. They're very cool. You can't yet add your own custom winks but as soon as you can we'll be designing rude winks to seduce you.

Avatars adult for girls too
They burp, they fart, they swear, they drink - these are rude smileys. They can be lousy and junky and really don't care what people think. These avatars adult just want to be loud and proud. Of course girls can use these avatars adult too. Girls can have just as much attitude as boys. Not everyone wants to be a lovely little lady. Girls can be just as rude, if not worse. When certain female celebrities misbehave (think Paris, Britney, Lindsay), it's front-page news. Our avatars adult are a harmless way to misbehave if you're looking for trouble.