Abous Us

Out story

A little bit of blurb on us...

Three years ago we gave up our nice office jobs and started creating emoticons. We were the first people to provide custom emoticons for MSN Messenger when we launched My Emoticons. The idea behind My Emoticons was to make it easy for people to express themselves when they're chatting on MSN Messenger (the only Instant Messenger service that supports custom emoticons). We're all moody little beings from time to time and we found it fun to show our moods.

About a year ago we decided to take our idea a step further. We started to think about what we could bring to the display image - the pic you use to show a little more about yourself in instant messenger. A lot of people use photos, we do too. But sometimes, change is a good thing and we wanted something more. My Display Image was born. We've got a growing collection of high quality display images for instant messenger, blogs and email.

And then we thought 'what about adult images?. Mmm. Building this collection has been seriously funny. To us 'adult' means free from porn and erotic content. We know these images aren't for everyone and we hope we don't offend anyone by making them public. We've designed adult emoticons and display images so you can use them in Instant Messenger, blogs and email.

Our ethics

Work smart, not hard. That's our mantra. That doesn't mean we don't do lots of work, it just means we keep focused and make sure we have fun. That includes taking regular 'energy boost' breaks. During an energy boost break we get out - walk somewhere, get a drink, maybe a snack and chat (usually about work!). It works wonders.

It sounds a bit 'goody two shoes' but we consider ourselves fortunate to lead the lives we do. For that we reason we want to help others. Our strategy for doing so is simple.

Firstly, we want people to have fun. That's the only reason we exist. What's more we want having fun to be simple. If our images aren't doing just that - let us know. You'll see that there's no complicated software installation involved in getting our image. We also test our websites and images before we let you see the finished product. If it's not good enough for us (and we have high standards), it's not good enough for you.

Secondly, we don't drop litter and we recycle the waste we create. Make sure you do the same. Being a litter bug is bad. And one more thing, we try to buy second hand books to save trees.

We always want to improve. We interested to know more about what you think and like it when you get involved. So, let us know any ideas by contacting us at whatithink @ myadultimages.com

If you have any ideas for partnership opportunities contact us at iwanttopartner @ myadultimages.com